Debra on the Issues


As a small business owner, Debra knows what it takes to create jobs and grow a business. She understands that in order for businesses to succeed and start hiring again, government needs to get out of the way.

In order to bring jobs to our county and state, we need to create legislators who support free enterprise and who have experienced how businesses can be harmed by government intervention. Debra has that experience, and she has fought to reassure businesses looking at North Carolina that our corporate tax rate is one of the lowest in the nation, our workforce is well trained, our roads and infrastructure are up to date, and our regulations are minimal.

Debra believes in order to recover lost jobs, we need to support our small businesses because they are essential to economic growth, and she continues to fight to get government out of the way of North Carolinian industry.

Taxes & Spending

People have to live within their means and create budgets that fit their incomes. Debra believes government should be no different. In the past, Raleigh politicians have been out of touch with the difficulties facing citizens and demonstrate their disregard by overspending and raising taxes.

Debra Conrad opposes all tax increases and all wasteful spending. She has worked to set budget priorities and fund critical state services first.


Since her election in 2012, the dropout rate in North Carolina has dropped more than 18%. Debra Conrad believes the best way to encourage students to get their diplomas is to support legislation which directly funds the classroom and not wasteful bureaucracies. When money is sent directly to the classroom and sidesteps administrations, it does more good for the child. And over the past several months, this is what Debra fought for during the debates over education.

Additionally, she strongly supports school choice for parents and students including charters schools and homeschooling.


For too many years, Raleigh politicians have been robbing the Highway Trust Fund in order to pay for their wasteful spending. Debra Conrad believes that money should only be used for infrastructure repair. Debra supports legislation that will update the funding formula in order to ensure all counties receive their fair share of road funding and that the roads and bridges we drive on are safe.

Illegal Immigration

Debra Conrad strongly believes in the rule of law; therefore, she strongly opposes illegal immigration and supports “Zero Tolerance” legislation which cracks down on illegal immigrants. Debra has encouraged legislation to restrict illegal aliens from obtaining a driver’s license and she will work to place harsh penalties on employers who knowingly hire illegal workers.

Debra is opposed to granting in-state tuition at our state colleges and universities to illegal aliens. Additionally, while she believes that legal immigration can have a positive impact on society, Debra strongly encourages higher cooperation between state and federal agencies to end illegal immigration in Forsyth County and North Carolina.


Debra does not support government run healthcare. Instead, she favors free market principles for the solution.
As a small business owner, Debra understands one of the highest expenses for businesses and families is healthcare coverage. She supports allowing employees to use their pretax income to purchase private healthcare. Also, she supports “flexible benefits” which allows families to choose a plan that best suits their needs.


Debra is pro-life and supports initiatives aimed at protecting the innocent. In Raleigh, she has supported measures that are aimed to preserve the dignity of life for all children.

Also, she supports North Carolina’s proposed constitutional amendment that protects traditional marriage between one man and one woman.

Additionally, Debra supports the right to bear arms and continues to fight to pass legislation that protects gun owners’ rights.

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